Resolve to Read

January 2023 View more

A book open in front of a laptop

Reading exercises the brain, improves cognitive function, decreases stress, increases empathy, and improves sleep readiness. So if your resolution is to read more in 2023, you’re plotting a smart path.

Sticking to this goal is easier (and often more fun) when you’re accountable to a book group. But if you’re not quite ready to form one or commit to a regular schedule, here are a few suggestions to ease your way in:

The Naperville Public Library has a wide variety of book discussion groups for adults, teens, and children, including such offerings as the Criminal Spines or the Out of This World book clubs. Plan ahead, though: Registration is required for these programs.

A simple Google search brings up a number of interesting virtual book club options connecting people who enjoy the same genres and writing styles. For a guide, explores dozens of online groups. Sites such as,, and host their own virtual clubs as well.

Another choice is to listen to lively book conversations during your daily commute or walk, with a multitude of book club podcasts covering every genre and interest you can imagine. Dive into the classics with the The Great Books Podcast. Enjoy lighthearted comedic discussions on the Celebrity Memoir Book Club. Or discover which craft beers pair best with the book The Drunk Guys Book Club is discussing.


Photo by Julie Duffin