Shea Vaughn—Fitness Revolutionary

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N2013_09_01_011FITNEIf you’re wondering what living a healthy lifestyle does for you, check out Shea Vaughn. At 72 years young, this entrepreneur, fitness expert, and grandmother is as active, passionate, and energetic as someone 30 years her junior. As a professionally trained dancer in her youth, Vaughn made the switch to the world of fitness and never looked back. In an ongoing effort to inspire her loyal following, she developed a fitness program called SheaNetics® that blends her years of experience and passion into a sensible, effective fitness program for everyone of all ages.

For Vaughn, the evolution into the world of fitness started with her love of dance. “At first it was dance and later as each new fitness program evolved, I would get certified as an instructor. While I was perhaps not living an earlier dream of mine to dance on Broadway, I was certainly absorbing a wealth of great choreography and enjoying the journey that would one day provide the building blocks for SheaNetics®,” said Vaughn.

What makes her program interesting is SheaNetics® is not only great for all ages, it is in my research, a complete body workout that leaves you invigorated. From strength to flexibility, to mind and body connection, it’s a fascinating integration of various methodologies.

“SheaNetics® is a doctor endorsed East meets West revolutionary wellness and exercise lifestyle practice which is supported by my five living principles of well-being which include – Commitment, Perseverance, Self-Control, Integrity and Love. These values are paired with an optimal collection of performance proven movements from yoga, pilates, tai chi, martial arts, ballet, and more,” said Vaughn.

Even while raising her three children, including her actor son Vince Vaughn, Shea always stayed dedicated to the health of her kids as well as her own health. “Although health and wellness was not as commonly talked about when I was raising my children, I still made sure they were involved in activities and sports. I also made healthy meals and tried to lead them on a healthy path by setting good examples by how I kept myself in shape.” She has continued her dedication to her health as is evident by her petite, yet strong frame.

In addition to commercial fitness, Shea has closely studied martial arts and Eastern philosophy. She believes well-being is the result of a healthy mind and body working as one. “Mind/body synchronicity is accomplished by embracing regular exercise along with a set of tenets for making better life decisions. This is the foundation for SheaNetics®—Five Living Principles of Well-Being.”

Vaughn loves the opportunity to reach a greater audience and to touch their hearts with messages that will help them to be healthier individuals thus becoming influential ambassadors of healthy living. “SheaNetics® is so much more than an exercise, it is a holistic lifestyle practice,” said Vaughn.

As someone who spent almost 30 years in the fitness industry, I’m inspired by Shea’s continued dedication to helping people discover and embrace a healthy lifestyle. “I love teaching and bringing the five principles to life with my students during class. They regularly tell me how uplifted they are following class and the meaningful encouragement they receive which enables them to make healthy life choices which become a natural part of their day-to-day life.”

At the core of fitness success, Vaughn believes it’s the decision to make it happen. “In order to make goals a reality, it is mental and emotional strength that allows one to stay committed and persevere through any difficulties encountered along the way. I firmly believe that the mind leads and the body follows.”

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