Shelf Life

Appears in the July 2022 issue.

Open shelving serves multiple purposes, keeping things organized while also adding visual interest. But overload shelves or throw in too many shapes and colors and things can start to look messy. Leah Phillips, designer and owner at Leah Phillips Interiors, shares tips for optimizing your shelving.

• Open shelving works well for showing off decorative or collected objects. Stay within a color palette, but mix shapes, heights, and textures for visual appeal.

• Overstuffed shelving quickly can start to look cluttered. Start with more, but take a step back and remove excess items.

• If you use open shelving for frequently used staples (think coffee, sugar, and flour), switch out the store packaging for decorative glass. 

• Decorative baskets can organize groups of smaller items as well as add texture to shelving. Label for ease of use.