Special ways to celebrate

Appears in the November 2021 issue.

After Cindy Shanholtz left Wall Street to have a family, she opened Effortless Events (effortless-events.com)
and recently launched the vintage mobile Bellissimo Bar. With celebration season upon us, we asked Shanholtz how to make gatherings memorable:

Be your own guest.
Hire a caterer—or at least a bartender and server—to handle prep, service, and cleanup so you can enjoy being with your guests.

Show you care.
Greet guests with a seasonal drink and say goodbye with a to-go cup of hot cider or cocoa. “It makes an impression from the minute they walk in to the minute they leave,” she says

Provide an experience.
Hire a mixologist or chef for an hour to show guests a technique or recipe they can use all season. “It’s different,” she says, “and it sets your party apart.”

Photo courtesy effortless events