Stand-Out Surfaces

Appears in the July 2023 issue.

Various details in the Hinsdale home

Smart use of texture can ensure your home is anything but ho-hum. Looking to distinguish your rooms? These elements are your
best friends:

Textiles: Soft Moroccan rugs, posh pillows, and sophisticated fur bring coziness to a neutral palette.

Global touches: Items such as African beads and internationally inspired art combine texture with worldly sophistication.

Natural materials: Let the outdoors be your guide. Leather-clad doors, rattan lighting fixtures, and petrified stumps are just a few examples of the natural in this Hinsdale home. And plants are always welcome, whether they are live, dried, or good-quality facsimiles.

Walls: These are great places to add character, with choices such as natural wall coverings, custom millwork, and Venetian plaster.

Layering: Take all of the above and combine for great effect. In this home, nubby alpaca rugs, sheer draperies, shredded leather pillows, tribal beads, and greenery combine for a big impact.


Photo: Ryan McDonald Photography