State of the Unions

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Interviews by Peter Gianopulos

Bipartisan Support

Bill and Nicki Anderson / Naperville, married 36 years
Jim and Ileana Blake / Wheaton, married 22 years
Kevin and Amy Kwilinski / Downers Grove, married 30 years
Mike and Caitlin Rome / Naperville, married 5 years
Daniel and Danielle Rucci / Lombard, married 2.5 years
Brett and Kathleen Sather / Naperville, married 7 years
Joel and Anita Strassman / Naperville, married 31 years
Josue and Ofelia Vazquez / Joliet, married 3 years

The secret to a successful marriage? That’s easy: It all comes down to listening. Listening to your spouse. Listening to yourself. And listening, when the opportunity presents itself, to couples who are willing to open
up about what they’ve learned about love, parenting, challenges, and a beautiful little thing called married life.