Stayin’ Alive

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Tony Mattina and his Bee Gees tribute band spend a “Night on Broadway” this month in Aurora

July 30 at 8 p.m.
RiverEdge Park
360 N. Broadway, Aurora
Tickets $12–$21 |

An enduring legacy The popularity of the Bee Gees’ music is based on the unmistakable melodies and arrangements that people of all ages have loved and identified with over multiple decades. It’s so great to be able to travel around with this group of friends and musicians, meeting lots of people who still love to go out and enjoy this music.

Recreating the magic We believe that the audience wants to hear the songs we perform live to be as close as possible to the original recordings. The energy we can create by performing these great songs live onstage is the key to getting the audience inspired.

Mind the falsetto My favorite song to play is “To Love Somebody”—it was my father’s favorite Bee Gees song, and it’s one where the audience always sings along. The biggest challenge is the difficulty involved in hitting some of the higher notes, especially when we’re on a lengthy tour, sometimes with multiple shows in one day.

Photo courtesy Paramount