The Next Super Bowl

Appears in the April 2023 issue.

By Peter Gianopulos

Give this gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, plant-based sorbet a whirl

Nautical Bowls, 8 W. Gartner Rd., Naperville
Nautical Bowls, 8 W. Gartner Rd., Naperville

We’ve been led to believe, for far too long, that the words “frozen treat” and “nutritious” should never be uttered in the same breath. Pure malarkey, according to the husband-and-wife team of Bryant and Rachel Amundson, who launched their rapidly expanding superfood concept, Nautical Bowls, in Minnesota, back in 2018.

The Amundsons claim they’ve perfected a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, plant-based sorbet that not only tastes as good as any Italian sorbetto but is packed with health benefits to boot.

Their fruit-based sorbets are made with antioxidant-rich wonders, like acai berries, immune-boosting dragon fruit, and a bright-blue spirulina extract called Blue Majik. The Amundsons pack layers of these sorbets, like a frozen parfait, into clear plastic bowls, then invite guests to gild them with everything from chia seeds and goji berries to cashew butters and peanut-butter cacao protein crumbles.

After the concept found traction across the country, Bryant’s brother, Doug, opened the brand’s first Chicago area location in Naperville earlier this year. “I told Bryant, whenever they started franchising, we had to bring one here,” says Doug, who views Naperville’s mix of fit athletes and nutritious-conscious gourmands as Nautical’s ideal customer base.

Guests can build their own bowls or choose from preselected favorites, like the Blue Bay Bowl, a Blue Majik, coconut, acai, and chia concoction topped with granola, banana, strawberries, and coconut butter. Amundson swears it’s better than any virgin piña colada on the planet.

“I think people are always a little bit shocked at how good our bowls taste,” Doug says. “We’re not selling broccoli here; we’re selling meal replacements that are as tasty as they are healthy.”


Photo courtesy of Nautical Bowls