The Wright Stuff

Appears in the December 2023 issue.

A modern Prairie-style gem in St. Charles is up for sale

Outside the St. Charles home

Prairie-style architecture may be homegrown in Illinois—with many venerable examples dotting the suburbs—but it’s much harder to find that century-old design in new home construction.

That’s why the home at 80 Gray Street in St. Charles, now on the market for $849,000, could be a rare find for prospective buyers seeking that Frank Lloyd Wright–inspired look and feel. Designed by Dan Marshall in 2003 and situated close to both the downtowns of St. Charles and Geneva, this four-bedroom, three-bath home doesn’t just allude to the Prairie style—it goes all in on the signature hallmarks of craftsmanship and simplicity throughout, including the use of traditional quarter-sawn white oak for its custom cabinets, trim, and interior doors. There’s also an emphasis on nature, another focus of the Prairie style, as evidenced across the property, from the light-filled interiors to the landscaping.

The kitchen and reading room in the St. Charles home

Yet for all of the attention to detail and adherence to architectural tradition, listing agent Roger Erikson of the McKay Group thinks the real appeal of the home for many will be the unexpected spaces that lend themselves to the true sense of peace and serenity that the Prairie style is meant to inspire. “The reading room on the second floor that is surrounded by windows is one of my favorite areas to show buyers,” he says. “It was originally added to provide more dimension to the front of the house, and it’s just a perfect place for relaxing with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and a great book.”


Photos: Thomas Yurik Pineapple Labs