Warm up to Wood

Appears in the October 2023 issue.

White, gray, and black home decor with wood accents

White, gray, and black are perennial choices for home decor, but how do you keep this trio from looking cold? Designer Chad Esslinger suggests layering in wood accents, which add warmth and has a calming effect. These accents can be decorative or utilitarian, he adds. A few suggestions:

• Add wooden vases, bowls, or a container filled with wooden utensils to the kitchen. Wooden floating shelves also keep things organized.

• For the bathroom choose bamboo or other water-friendly woods. Consider adding a stool next to the tub or wooden bath mats for a spa-like ambience.

• For the family room, try bamboo shades, a wood-framed mirror, light fixture, or an accent chair.

• Keep wood tones in the same family—a shade lighter or darker is perfect. Watch out for pieces that are very close but not exact matches. “It will look like you tried to match them and failed,” Esslinger says.


Photo: Picture Perfect House