Beige Is Back

Appears in the January 2021 issue.

Transcend. It’s a word that describes our efforts to exist with an unknown future. Our homes have become havens from the outside world, and many have looked at ways to make their spaces more comfortable.

It’s no surprise then that Transcend is the name chosen for the paint color trend of 2021 by PPG, a global paint supplier. The midtone oatmeal-colored hue draws on earthy influences and nostalgia—the antidote to an era of cool grays.

Warm and elegant, Transcend pairs well with muted blues and subdued greens, creating a comforting palette. Accent with accessory lines that embrace cozy, like pieces from Design Bar and Ethan Allen.

Ridge Ferns, $700, and cross cable knit throw, $170, from Ethan Allen. Henriette dinner napkin by Aerin from the Design Bar, $25.