Better Together

Jeff Jones and Carrie Stiefvater at their wedding

Bridal Barn Dance

This couple channeled their relaxed vibes into a rustic wedding To his family, Jeff Jones…
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A couple getting married

Over the Rainbow

This couple brought modern touches to their wedding at historic Hotel Baker Plainfield…
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Abbie Armbruster and Jonathan M. Winfrey at their wedding

Long-Lasting Love

This Aurora couple tied the knot at a new riverside venue When Abbie Armbruster, 35,…
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Fun for Days

This Hindu couple celebrated their union with a joyous weeklong celebration  When Akshara…
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Good to Grow

On a chilly Friday night in January 2021, Ann (Goulet) Runkle and Justin Linker met for…
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Fantastic Four

Naperville residents Ariélle Wadas, 32, and Miguel Luis, 35, are the first to admit…
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Vehicle foR Romance

When Carmelita Gilliam, 50, and Daniel Wachowski, 49, went on their first date, they…
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Love at first bite

University of Iowa grads Stephanie Kepner, 28, and Joseph Wheeler, 30, can trace their…
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A Team of Two

Though sales executive Brianna Delaney, 36, and chiropractor Byron O’Hara, 38, both…
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A Lifetime of Love

By Lisa Arnett In 2009, Angelita Gomez and Jose De La Rosa met as teens working at a…
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Sharing a Dark Side

Back in 2016 when Jeanette Giblin and Edward Szajer matched on Tinder, their digital…
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With This Ring

After six years of dating, David Lwanga hatched a plan to propose to Cherise Mangal on…
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