Great Outdoors

Fox River

Fixing the Fox

By Kelli Ra Anderson A local environmental group acts to protect a key aquatic resource…
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A poison ivy sign

Please Don’t Eat the Daisies

By Kelli Ra Anderson Toxic plants to avoid in your own backyard When Ed Kotynski removed…
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A backyard pond with a waterfall

Water Works

By Mark Loehrke Building a backyard pond—for your family and the local flora and fauna…
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Jennifer Murtoff

Chicken Tenders

By Kelli Ra Anderson Is backyard poultry-keeping right for you? People are often surprised…
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People planting a tree

Made in the Shade

By Kelli Ra Anderson Planting trees for the future We climb them. We sit under their…
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A beekeeper using a bee smoker

Honey of a Hobby

Here’s the buzz on backyard beekeeping We’d be nowhere without bees. As pollinators,…
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A large home with solar panels on the roof

Here Comes the Sun (and the Savings)

Exploring the potential environmental and financial benefits of residential solar Once…
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A worker planting on a rooftop

Roots on the Roof

An expansive green roof project plants ideas of sustainability   Once the province…
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Good Night

Flipping the switch on light pollution Fifty years ago in the Fox Valley, 2,000 stars…
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Home Tweet Home

One evening on their back porch, Paula and David Altekruse of St. Charles noticed something…
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Fall Pedals

What better way to enjoy the fall foliage than on two wheels? Luckily our area has a…
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Plight of The BumbleBee

By Kelli Ra Anderson It isn’t your imagination. There are fewer fuzzy black-and-yellow…
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