Living Well

EnChroma glasses

True Colors

New technology helps color-blind visitors at Cantigny Aside from climbing temps, one…
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A magnifying glass over a stencil of a home

The Air in There

What to know about three common home toxins While many of us focus on the air quality…
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Joe Chura during his ‘Not Almost There’ podcast

Listen Up

Two local wellness podcasts to add to your queue While national podcasts tend to get…
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Illustration by Kevin Sterjo

Fiscal Fitness

Tax considerations to keep in mind for the coming year A new calendar year is the perfect…
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Tooth Be Told

What to do—and what to avoid—in pursuit of a winning smile  Unbeknownst to her fourth-grade…
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No One-Fit Fitness

Fitness is not one-size fits all. The search for the ideal gym, trainer, and fitness…
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Give Yoga a Go

Sure, by now, we all know the basic benefits of yoga, but you still may be on the fence…
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The Eyes Have It

While most people have routine checkups with their physician and dentist (not to mention…
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Pillow Talk

A long with diet and exercise, consistent, quality rest is one of the pillars of a healthy…
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Making a Run for It

A sure sign of spring is all the abandoned treadmills in gyms as runners cast off the…
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Every Moment Matters

Perhaps it’s understandable that many people have wanted to look beyond their present…
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Meeting Resistance

People have a tendency to invoke combative or even militaristic terms in casting the…
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