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By Grace Perry

Take a peek inside the most exorbitant west suburban mansions sold in 2019

900 South Elm St., Hinsdale

Built in 2008, this striking modern home has more glass than a Tiffany exhibit. The downside? The string of strangers at the door asking residents to fix their iPads. The sleek swimming pool is just the width of a lap lane—don’t even think about splishing or splashing at this mansion. $2,971,500

710 S. County Line Rd., Hinsdale

Have you ever been to a bougie country club, downed a couple gin and tonics and thought, “I could see myself living here forever”? No? Well, whoever built this house in 1913 sure did. The garage and driveway can accommodate 17 cars—let’s hope all those visitors cough up the membership fees. $2,750,000

509 Ridgemoor Dr., Willowbrook

Look, no one was happy Cheers had to end. But to rebuild the entire set and put it in a suburban home? This 9,868-square-foot estate boasts a two-sided, all-wooden watering hole equipped to serve everything from gin martinis to over-the-top validations of dad’s masculinity. $2,025,000

724 Jackson Ave., Naperville

This 1.1-acre property includes a full-size tennis court and a full extra lot of manicured lawn, perfect for pickup soccer, helicopter landings, or building a second mammoth abode. ’Cause who needs public amenities when you have your own private park? $2,150,000

520 Ray St., Geneva

Hate your neighbors? Well, meet your dream home! Two humongous lawns flank this estate to its east and west, accumulating three acres (that’s about two-and-a-half football fields) of Kane County property. If other people cause sadness, money—$2.1 million, to be exact—apparently can buy happiness in Geneva. $2,100,000

4917 Grand Ave., Western Springs

What’s the most luxurious thing about staying in hotels? The windowless fitness centers whose head-to-toe mirrored walls let us witness ourselves dry-heaving through our entire workout—duh! Some lucky Western Springers now get that lavish experience in their very own basement. $1,560,000

Photos courtesy Respective Listing Agencies