Goal Keeping in the New Year

Appears in the January 2022 issue.

Each new year, we’re inspired to start fresh—lose weight, change jobs, reconnect with friends, focus on family—only to see our resolve fade by February. To stay on track, envision what “success” looks like, then plan how you’ll get there, advises life coach Nicole Comis.

Envision Start by picturing the outcome, then actually define why you want it. “Get super clear on your reason for wanting to achieve this goal,” Comis says. 

Plan Create a timeline that spells out specific actions and milestones for progress.

Track Measure your progress each week and decide what’s working and what should change.

“Share your goals with the people in your life that will encourage you and lift you up,” Comis says. “Consider working with an accountability partner or hiring a coach to keep you on track.”

Illustration by Kevin Sterjo