Heartfelt Gifts

Appears in the February 2024 issue.

Sugar Plum’s handcrafted Chocolate Heart Pizza

For Those Who Love a Smashing Dessert

Grab the enclosed wooden mallet because Sugar Plum’s handcrafted Chocolate Heart Pizza is meant to be broken—and shared. $49.50, sugar-plum.com


The ‘63 Illustrated National Parks’ coffee-table book and the ‘National Park Adventure Guide’

For Those Who Love the Great Outdoors

Choose your next adventure with the help of the illustrated 63 National Parks coffee-table book ($44.95) and the National Park Adventure Guide ($34.95). andersondesigngroupstore.com


A customized address jigsaw puzzle

For Those Who Love Sentimental Places (and Puzzles)

Whether it’s where you first met, your favorite date spot, or your home address, commemorate any significant location in your life with a customized address jigsaw puzzle. $44.99, butlerandhill.com


Customized RetroViewer photo reels

For Those Who Love Nostalgia

Share the good times with customized RetroViewer photo reels. $16.95 and up, image3d.com/retroviewer


Pepper Pong

For Those Who Love Competition

A Ping-Pong and pickleball mashup, this tabletop game can be set up in less than a minute for some portable play when you can’t make it to the courts. $69.99, pepperpong.com


It’s a Date!

For Those Who Love Date Night

It’s a Date! features 40 scratch-off cards with creative dating ideas. $17.99, amazon.com


The Fuzzies and Wavelength

For Those Who Love to Play Games

Add some fresh offerings to your game night repertoire, like The Fuzzies ($17.99) or Wavelength ($29.99). cmyk.games