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By Kelly Aiglon

Suddenly, CBD is everywhere. Yet while there are many ways to get your hands on the natural hemp derivative known for relieving pain, alleviating stress, and more, no place opens the door quite like Kerwell. The locally born wellness brand just landed in downtown Naperville (8 W. Jefferson, 630.995.3002, and its luxury-apothecary-meets-living-room vibe sets it apart from the crowd.

This family business—run by Kerry Aiyash; her daughter, Brittany; and son, Matt—aims to take customers on a journey. “When you decide to learn more about CBD, it’s like getting on an information highway,” says Kerry. “The first thing we do is make people feel comfortable, and our store is set up to do exactly that.”

Selection Perfection

Sitting on the well-lit and plant-dappled shelves are thoughtfully curated products for all range of needs. Think: cannabinoid-infused bath salts, flavored sleep gummies, microdose lip gloss, and even CBD tea. Each product has unique benefits and an interesting backstory. Underscoring it all is Kerwell’s unique point of view, which is best summed up on its website: “Our products are focused on wellness, not highness.”

Kerwell offers known premium brands (Joy Organics, Saint Jane, Martha Stewart), as well as its own Kerwell house collection. “We opened our first store three years ago in Downers Grove and, when the pandemic hit, we took that time to take a deep dive into creating our line,” says Kerry. “A year and a half later, we have our own line of soft gels, tinctures, and skin care products.”

Again, “high” isn’t the point here. All products contain less than 0.3 percent THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis. Many products include no THC at all. Every product is lab tested; if you want the official certificate of lab analysis, just ask. It’s this kind of transparency that the Aiyash family hopes will demystify CBD and some of the assumptions around it.

The Journey Continues

Kerwell was born out of Kerry’s own wellness journey. Several years ago, she was experiencing severe jaw pain that led to an increase in prescription medication that she wasn’t comfortable with. So she started researching medical alternatives and noticed a significant decrease in her pain. Today, she’s dedicated to doing the homework for others and creating a welcoming space for people to open up about their wellness concerns. 

The journey she creates for customers isn’t just recommending products; Kerwell also has a Beauty Bar with treatments ranging from brow waxes
to facials to lip treatments. CBD is,
after all, known to fight inflammation and diminish the look of fine lines
and discoloration.

“Everything is plant based,” says Kerry. “It’s all about gaining knowledge, taking the stigmas away, and seeing how wonderful it is to be healed naturally.” 

Photo courtesy Kerwell