Protect the Patio

Appears in the June 2021 issue.

Now that summer is in full swing, we spoke with Jim Ruhl, owner of JW Ruhl Landscape Services, for steps on cleaning and sealing the patios and walkways we’ll live on this season—which should be done every two to three years:

  1. Remove stains. Ruhl likes to use Simple Green products to remove algae, soil, or grease from the pavers first.
  2. Power-wash the surface and joints, then let dry for two days.
  3. Clean the surface off with a blower, then apply polymeric sand filler with a broom, using a diagonal motion, to fill the joints between pavers. (This is not necessary for cement patios.) Blow off the excess sand, then mist
    with water to set the filler. Dry again.
  4. Coat the surface and joints with a material-specific hardscape sealer. Ruhl recommends purchasing professional-grade supplies from a local patio contractor.

    Photo courtesy jw ruhl landscape services