Public Pooches

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SixtyFour Wine Bar & Kitchen in Naperville 

By Annemarie Mannion

The old saying that a dog is man’s best friend holds true at many businesses that permit poodles, pugs, Pekinese, and dog breeds of all sorts—as long as they are leashed and well behaved.  

Most often the places that welcome dogs are those with outdoor patios, like Quigley’s Irish Pub in Naperville. “We’re kind of a destination for people and their dogs,” says Andy Nosek, managing partner. “Pets are part of the family. We even offer a little bit of a dog-friendly menu.” Those pooch-pleasing items include an unseasoned burger and chicken breast, each priced around $6. 

Pierce Tavern in Downers Grove also allows dogs on its patio. “We ask only that they be leashed and mild mannered,” says Sam Vlahos, owner of Pierce Tavern, which keeps water and snacks on hand for dogs. 

Anderson’s Bookshop, which has locations in Naperville and Downers Grove, invites dogs inside as long as they are leashed or held in someone’s arms. “I think having dogs in our store puts a smile on everybody’s face, especially the staff because we are all crazy about dogs,” says bookseller Sue Buschmann. “I’ve never seen anyone leave because they were allergic or something.”  

Many business owners think dogs are far from a bother—in fact, Fidos tend to bring people together. “People will ask, ‘What’s his name? Is he friendly? And can I pet him?’ ” Buschmann says. “They usually are a conversation starter.” 

Looking for place to roam indoors year-round with your fur babies, rain or shine? Head to Yorktown Center in Lombard, a dog-friendly mall that allows supervised dogs that are leashed or in carriers. Like many places, it specifies that leashes be no longer than six feet, including retractable ones. Dog-friendly retailers display a paw print graphic in their storefront windows. 

Pet Etiquette

Taking a dog out in public or to a business requires common-sense decorum. Remember, owners are legally responsible for their dogs and must keep them under control at all times. As always, be conscientious of others—not everyone is comfortable around dogs.

If you’re planning to bring your canine companion, make sure your dog is relatively quiet and nonaggressive as well as leashed and up-to-date on vaccinations. Dogs should not sit on chairs meant for people or bother other customers. Check beforehand for any guidelines or restrictions.

For example, Yorktown Center has a Canine Code of Conduct to protect health and safety. The code specifies where dogs are prohibited indoors (like the food court and children’s play area) and includes rules about always taking your dog to the bathroom outdoors—and, of course, cleaning up after your pooch. If any of the rules are violated, the owner and pet will be asked to leave the mall.

Photos courtesy of Yorktown Center and SixtyFour Wine Bar & Kitchen