Santa Claus

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Santa Steve plays a star role in the mini photography sessions at Alicia’s Photography in Naperville.

Santa in the 21st century

I rely on my elves quite a bit for keeping up with social media, and, if I’m being honest, I’m probably not completely current. Although I hear from parents that these apps sure make it easier to know who’s naughty and nice, I think in this age of instant communication, there’s still really nothing more magical than a handwritten letter.

Memorable requests

While the most popular gifts for boys are video games, sports equipment, and remote-controlled cars (and many still ask for electric trains!), and Barbies and American Girl Dolls for the girls, my favorites are the unique requests—like jelly (any flavor for one little boy) and pink unicorns. I always say I’ll make my very best effort to come through! 

An enduring tradition

I think the excitement you feel as a child receiving presents from Santa evolves into the excitement of giving as an adult. Because of that, Santa is in all of us, allowing us to give freely, be thankful, and share in each other’s happiness every Christmas season.

December 24–25
Appearing in homes across the globe

Photo courtesy Alicia’s Photography