Storage Show-Off

Appears in the October 2022 issue.

A pantry is a sought-after feature for the convenience and extra storage space it brings to the table. But this version is so pretty that designer Shannon Peppeard put its contents on display with a glass access door.

Here are a few of Peppeard’s tips for creating a pleasing pantry:

Include room to display favorite pieces. Client Lindsay Norwood loves to cook. Open shelving showcases her collection of beautiful cake stands and serving dishes.

Think drawers instead of doors. “I think you get more out of a drawer,” Peppeard says, explaining that pulling out a drawer makes it simpler to scan what’s contained inside when compared with rooting through a cabinet.

Take advantage of all available space. Peppeard included a ladder to provide access to out-of-reach storage areas—a decorative feature that’s also practical.

Add fun touches. An old-fashioned pie window floods the pantry with light. Vibrant paint in Sherwin-Williams Santorini Blue adds whimsy.

Photo courtesy of Margaret Rajic