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‘The Missing Heiress’ by Robert Goldsborough

In the mood for a good old-fashioned detective novel? You’re in luck. Last month Wheaton resident Robert Goldsborough published his 17th installment in the Nero Wolfe mystery series. Originally created by Rex Stout in 1934, the series has been helmed by Goldsborough, a former Chicago Tribune reporter and editor, since Stout’s death in 1975.

Robert Goldsborough

Set in 1940s Manhattan, The Missing Heiress follows Archie Goodwin as he and Lily Rowan search for clues in her best friend’s disappearance. Ultimately, the duo enlists the help of Archie’s employer, Nero Wolfe, just as the missing-person case becomes a murder investigation. “Rex Stout established a fairly large ensemble of players, not just Archie and Nero, who populate these books to varying degrees,” Goldsborough says. “I’ve tried to give several of them, at one time or another, a more important role in the story. This time it’s Lily’s turn.”

Goldsborough began reading Nero Wolfe novels in his teens, after his mother recommended them, and quickly became fan. After Stout died, Goldsborough wrote a follow-up book for his mom and gave it to her for Christmas. Eventually, it was approved by Stout’s estate and published in 1986, marking the start of Goldsborough’s run.


Photo: Robert Goldsborough