Tea Time

January 2020 View more

Fight cold January days with a perfect warm cup

Styled by Joanna Aloysia Patterson

Photograph by Olivia Kohler

Tea bag caddy from Nona Jo’s ($27)

Book from Anderson’s Bookshop ($25)

Cast-iron tea pot ($70) and warmer ($40) from Nuovo Tea

Sweet 1 Studio plates from Little Luxuries ($32–$34)

Ginger matcha tea cookies ($6) and loose leaf tea ($2, bottom right) from Adagio Teas

Green tea face serum from Peace/Abhyaasa Yoga ($31)

Casablanca square placemat from Crate & Barrel ($15)

Loose strawberry matcha powder from David’s Tea ($6)

Lavender honey from Vita Sana ($6)

Vintage tea cup and saucer ($12) and tea spoon (bottom left) from Serendipity Resale