Wet Workout

Appears in the July 2019 issue.

Turn adult swim time into a liquid workout from a Rush Copley Healthplex certified aquatic trainer

By Diana Pacheco
Illustrations by Ievgenii Volyk

This summer, don’t just wade in the water—make a splash and get after those fitness goals in your neighborhood or community pool. 

Goal: Water workouts will improve your body’s composition and strengthen muscles, plus increase aerobic and muscular endurance and overall flexibility, with minimal stress and impact to your joints.

Plan: This workout consists of eight movements and can be done in less than 45 minutes. Each move is performed once—30 seconds for beginners, or 60 seconds for advanced levels—and the next move will follow until all eight are complete. Repeat this sequence of exercises during three 15-minute adult swim sessions to turn a glorious afternoon at the pool into a full workout.

Equipment: All of the exercises can be performed with just body weight and a pool or any body of water deep enough to stand and move around in. For increased resistance, water weights can be added.

Water Walk Warm-Up

Stand upright with abdominal muscles firm, and spine in neutral position. Walk forward for 10 strides, then backward for 10 strides, until time is up. Speed up to a jog to increase heart rate even more.

Knee-Lift Kick

Lift left knee toward chest, then extend leg fully and kick out, then bring leg down. Alternate sides while engaging core to keep balance. 

Hydro Jack

Standing with feet shoulder width apart, hands down at sides, jump up while raising arms above head, landing in a wide stance. Hop back in, dropping hands at sides. 

Abdominal Tuck

Jump up, lifting both knees while pressing your palms backwards to launch you forward. Then jump backward, tucking knees again while swinging arms forward.

Cross-Country Ski

With right foot out and left foot back, reach left arm forward and right arm back, just beneath the surface. Hop to switch arms/legs in opposite positioning, alternating sides.

Mountain Climbing

Holding the edge of a pool wall with both hands, raise foot and place on wall, keeping other foot on floor, alternating sides.

Forward Jab

With elbows bent and palms open, pivot and punch straight out under the water, alternating sides.

Cross Jab

With elbows bent and palms open, pivot and punch across center line of your body under the water, alternating sides.