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Free weights are part of the Elliptihit workout.

Celebrity trainer Jennifer “Zen” Burgos wants you to not only melt fat, but save your knees in the process (hallelujah). The former star of Bravo TV’s Work Out moved from L.A. back to her hometown of LaGrange and just rebranded her fitness facility as Elliptihit (71 S. La Grange Rd., elliptihit.com). Burgos (not shown) created a workout combination that includes elliptical cardio plus high-intensity interval training (HITT) designed specifically to prevent injuries. 

Every workout is full body—elliptical hills at a 40-degree incline, fat-melting sprints, and free weight muscle-building exercises—and clients receive corrections and modifications throughout the workout to further customize. 

“You can mimic running on an elliptical machine without the impact that often causes injuries,” says Burgos. “It’s a great option for people that want an intense workout without worrying about getting set back for weeks or months because they hurt themselves running. You can get the benefits of a treadmill without the risk of injury.”

Burgos is offering a $99 “21 Day Jumpstart” program this month to help ensure that clients stay on track with fitness goals during the holiday season. Start at anytime in December for three weeks of unlimited access. Also in the works: a Naperville location.—MD

Photo courtesy Elliptihit