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Folks from Glam and Glitz Boutique enjoy the live auction.

See who is out and about at the latest events and happenings.
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Ryan Dowd, Executive Director

Get to know who’s making a difference in the community.
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Eleanor Simon and son Isaac
Eleanor: Dress available at H&M, Shoes available at Steve Madden.
Isaac: Shirt, Blazer and Jeans available at H&M, Shoes by Converse.

Stay current with the latest trends and styles in the world of fashion.
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custom home by Dave Huber

Take a peek inside Naperville’s most unique and beautiful homes.
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Gain insight into Naperville’s most influential business leaders.
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Couple on a beach at Seychelles

Discover the best ways to manage your money and finances.
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Melanoma Mistakes—How to Treat it, How to Avoid it
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Volvo S60 - model year 2016

See what’s hot and what’s not in the world of automobiles.
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